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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I know, you like Cassie better

Ever since elementary school I loved creative writing. Unfortunately, I had a bad 9th grade English experience that ruined my perspective on my personal writing forever. The teacher seemed to have something against me and I felt very small in that classroom. My passion for writing disappeared to the point where I enrolled in the School of Engineering at U of M, not because I had a passion for math and sciences, but because I did not want to have to write a single paper in college.

But this post is not about me and the need for reconciliation with a teacher I had over 15 years ago, it's about how Cassie dominates writing and my hope to see her return to it. Even though her blogposts on MMforDummies get at least twice the comments as mine I choose not to get competitive about this matter because it's a battle I cannot win. Cancer on the other hand, I can handle.

Cassie is a complete rockstar writer. As most of you have discovered, she is hilarious, witty and can provide some very insightful and pragmatic advice. She just dominates. To tie this all in with our cancer journey, Cassie and I have realized that it is really important that she have a life beyond kids, cancer and picking up everyone else's messes. She was once an avid personal blogger, but well....cancer and MM for Dummies took over our that. It was cancer first, everything else last.

Over the last few weeks I have encouraged Cassie to get back to expressing herself in writing. She is slowly, but surely returning to informing the online world about her constant battle picking up the messes of the ones she loves most, while making people laugh and cry along the way. She is truly a gifted writer. You can tune in here if you are interested:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Update: Cycle #5

Cycle #5 is almost in the books, which means I am headed to an off week of chemo! I have gotten quite used to drinking chemo on B1 as I have tallied 50 infusions to date over the last 14 months.

With the M-protein holding at 0.2 since my 60 day post tandem transplant #2, I am taking to exercise and reading to keep my mind and spirit right. My muscles have disappeared over the last few months which is a painful reality that I need to get over. It is really starting to motivate me to Dominate 2011, a campaign that will be all about returning my body to top physical strength so it will be ready for any twist or turn in the future.

The kids are a delight right now, Cassie is still a rock and looking hot with her new lighter highlights and I am asking Santa for a reduction in the M-protein this year!

Thanks to everyone for the continued encouragement and prayers as we finish out the end of the year.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Snuv Snu Sneetie!

Today Cassie and I celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. It feels closer to 16 years given all we have been through. The picture below was taken the first day of our honeymoon back in September, 2004.

Thinking back to our early dating days, eventual engagement and a very brief stint of married life without kiddos....we were operating from a different planet. Seriously. We actually had a made up language and I think we spent most of our time smitten over one another during the few minutes I could cram between class, football practice, office hours and late nights studying for my engineering exams in the Law Quad.

This season in our life is very different. We spend countless hours under the same roof and our language is now made up of terms most regularly heard in the office of an oncologist sandwiched between pre-schooler talk. Never once did I think I would be spending my 6 year anniversary in the infusion center to treat an incurable cancer with three little ones at home. I did expect to have 3 kids before age 30...check!...but gotta to be kidding me. Worse yet, the cancer is in my blood and bones...therefore...not easily removed.

Although the stress of cancer leaves very little to be desired, looking back at our last year of marriage which was consumed by me being in treatment, I can honestly say that I have seen Cassie step up to the plate as my helper. She is my Myeloma expert, caregiver, lover, all the while caring for 3 beautiful kids all under the age of five. She has witnessed and supported her husband through what could be easily considered the most aggressive MM treatment therapy outside of Arkansas.

I don't expect life to have been any crazier than it was last year and I am getting really excited about what is in store for Year 7 of marriage. Regardless of the uncertainty, I have a rock in Cassie by my side.

Love is a choice. I choose you.


P.S. Here's the tail end of me proposing to Cassie in 2004 at the Houston Autoshow. She said, "Of Course!"