Saturday, March 6, 2010

Transplant, Facebook, Buckeyes & more..

This our longest video post to date and it's worth the watch. At the end of the video are now four year old son, Ocean, tells everyone who he thinks will beat Multiple Myeloma. Will it be Spider Man, Batman or Daddy? You'll have to watch the whole video to find out!

Also, there is a talk-o (the verbal equivalent of a typo) when Cassie refers to Cytoxin. She meant to say Melphalan. Oops.

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Unknown said...

Hi Phil,

When I had Cytoxan back in 2006, I made sure I had plenty of premeds. I have a list here:

and wrote some more here:

It wasn't so terrible. I lost my hair from the cyclo.

I like the vlog!

Unknown said...

Beth- You rock and thanks so much for this list...I am sure it will be handy and very dandy. Also, now you make me wonder when I should dye my hair; especially if there is a possibility that the Cytoxan is going to wipe it out. I am definitely going to ask Dr. J on Tuesday about this :)

Anonymous said...

Other things you can't do right after transplant:

-change cat litter(Richard milked that one for over a year)

-eat any raw fruit or vegetables

-eat at salad bars

-no swimming or hot tubs

-brush teeth with a toothbrush (they give you little foam things)

-shave with a razor, electric only

Some rules may vary with your institution and some are lifted when ANC (absolute neutrophil count)returns to normal

You'll do great!

Jodi said...

Phil and Cassie,

I'm so glad things are going your way with the SCT. Phil, it's great that you will be able to be at the birth of your newest addition. I will be following your progress closely, as I am next in the SCT line. I've learned so much already from following this blog and the others. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all the information that has been shared. I think that the hair coloring should commence soon. We can't wait to see it.


tim's wife said...

Yeah, let's hear it for MM perks.
I suppose to a lesser degree, you could claim that spit-up would be covered under that
"used food" category and you would
get out of that duty too.
Just think, your new angel is a shoe-in for looking just like you, (though that doesn't look like it would be much of a stretch) this time you'll be sporting the same exact hairdo! ;o)

Zaankali said...

I just can't bring myself to click on either of those colors. Isn't there a green option out there somewhere? LOL!