Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cancer Kicker bracelets. You want 'em, we got 'em.

We're totally jumping on the silicone cancer bracelet bandwagon, guys....just look at our unborn child already representing in the womb in the picture below! We are All In for Kicking Cancer. Please DOMINATE with us! You can also order a Myeloma Dominate Shirt!

It all began when we decided to get some made for our friends who were running the BHBH run with Phil, kind of as a team thing. But when we saw that the minimum order was a hundred bracelets we started thinking, I bet there are people who would wanna rock these and here they are!!!!. So we had a few hundred made because, you know, the more you buy the more you save (I know, that makes zero sense but it got Phil to buy 500) and so now we must sell them to recoup the money we spent getting them made. Ahem.

Here's the lovely bling:



And the inside of the bracelets is embossed with "Phil 4:13" which is Phil's personal favorite scripture verse. I wanted to put the one from 2 Kings where the punk kids are calling Elisha a baldhead but rock beats scissors so Phil 4:13 is on there instead.

If you want to show your support by sporting a myeloma-burgundy Cancer Kicker bracelet, you can purchase them online by clicking here.

Thanks, all. Keep dominating.


Unknown said...

I just wanted to say that your blog is awesome...I've been reading for awhile but never posted. I just wanted to thank you for sharing all your information/experiences, my father had MM and some of the best information I found was from other MM patients. We are in Michigan too. I wish you all the best.


Cassie said...

Thank you for following along, Tracie. I'm so sorry to hear your father also battled MM. Hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Phil & Cassie,

What a great idea. I'm ordering myself one now. I just learned about your MM dx recently along with this blog. Sorry to hear about this, however, knowing you Phil, you've already got it beaten in spirit & determination alone. Keep kickin' it in the ass and know that my family is thinking and praying for you and yours! I'll be in A^2 next for the OSU game and would love to catch up if you're up for it. Send me a line when you get the chance.
How word verification to send this comment is nothing other than....Hail.


Steven L. Ritter said...

Just found your blog... I was just (last month) got the MM diagnosis.. Stage 1. Got to UCSF for the bone marrow biopsy soon. It's a great blog, keep it up. Plan on ordering some bracelets very soon...


Anonymous said...

I just ordered bracelets on behalf of my Step-Father who was recently diagnosed with MM. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, you are an amazing family!!


Unknown said...

Great site, as you I've 3 small children and have to fight myeloma with 34 years. We have to push scientists to fight harder for a cure, as you do! You should be an ambassador for the MMRF. Thank you for your blog, Peter