Friday, October 30, 2009

Dominating Wristbands

It's so encouraging to get facebook pictures, emails and so on with people who have joined forces to help us kick Multiple Myeloma, build awareness and take on the "dominate" life philosophy. I will continue to post all the photos I am able to get my hands keep sending me photos with you dominating your Cancer Kicker wristbands! We appreciate everyone of you for your support and thanks for your patience on the distribution!

12/14/09: Frances @White House [Washington DC]

12/3/09: Ehrika [Tecumseh, MI]

Mrs DeLong's AP English Class [Comstock, MI]

Walter [Flint, MI]

Cassie's big bro, San Francisco

Ocean [Ann Arbor, MI]

Jeff, Alysa, Joe, Leila [Tucson, AZ]

Little Sister's Friends [Ann Arbor, MI]

Little Sis' [Tampa, FL]

Zak [Ann Arbor, MI]

Julie [Kansas City, MO]

Laura, Tommy, Heather [Tampa/Ann Arbor]

Michigan Faithful [Ann Arbor, MI]

Jake - [Midland, MI]

Jill [Midland, MI]

Keep dominating!


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