Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I don't like Yo Yo's, but no complaints.

Numbers are back up to where they were 3 months ago…snap. I never really liked yo-yo’s and seeing my numbers go up and down is no more enjoyable. I would almost rather them go straight up or straight down; and preferably the latter. Because the numbers almost mirror what we saw three months ago we will remain in a holding pattern. What will break the holding pattern you ask? Go ask a doctor. If you can’t find one, I guess you can start with my ant-brain sized understanding. If I were to break a bone or start to have kidney problems, we would immediately jump on the treatment bandwagon.

In addition to the labs returning to last quarter’s levels; I had a couple of infections. The first infection was just a bug that got passed around my family, but the second one that was a little more bothersome led to me to start taking an antibiotic, which I am currently still on.

So what can I do to fight this disease without treatment? Not sure, but I am going to give up coffee again and continue to dominate water out of my Mason jar. I am looking forward to seeing if we have an emerging scientific discovery on our hands! I am also planning to increase my running routine from one 3 mile run to possibly two runs, combined with some performance training. I also have a desire to become a raw foodist, but I just don’t think that is in the cards right now.

As for Little Rock, I feel like after a frank conversation with Dr. J yesterday, that going to Little Rock would be prudent. The other option is Dana-Farber in Boston, but it seems like they have very similar approaches to U of M due to the relationship Dr. J has with a doc out that way.

So that's where we are at....for now.