Sunday, January 1, 2012


Into the new year we go. We don't know what twists and turns to expect in 2012, but I do know that we have a family, friends and a growing community that is battle tested and can take on the unexpected.

One thing that Cassie and I have learned over the years it that the twists and turns will always come. It's part of the adventure. So as I get twisted all about this year there is one thing I want to keep my eyes on...and that is being thankful.

I often speak out on "dominating" or "dominating life".  Those are pretty loaded words at this point in my life, but this year as I continue dominating, I want to partner dominating with gratitude. Or explained in Phil terms, I want to dominate gratitude while I am dominating life.

Better yet, I want to follow someone else in this journey. Often times I find myself taking the lead, raising the flag, shouting from the roof tops. This year though, I want to learn to follow the lead of others. To encourage them, to support them, to shout from the roof tops in their effort to dominate and guide others to a better, more abundant life.

One leader I would like to follow is Alysa. Alysa and her family are straight amazing. Cassie and I met them while in Charlotte, NC and after only seeing each other twice in the total existence of our relationship, we knew we had connected with a couple that we would know for a long time.

Alysa has initiated the #365Thanks project (check it out). She is calling me to give thanks every day. What a simple idea, but man, this seems daunting.  I have so much to be thankful since my cancer diagnosis, maybe this project will allow me an opportunity to recall it over all of 2012.