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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fellow Midlander Dominating MM and Life!

This week I learned about a fellow Midlander who has been battling Multiple Myeloma for three years. His story is nothing short of awe inspiring and I am moved by his spirit to dominate. Read here to learn about how this fellow MMer from Midland is choosing to Dominate Life admidst horrible life circumstances that went way beyond a cancer diagnosis.

This guy went from being on his death bed to now in just three weeks he will be participating in an Ironman! An Ironman event includes a 2.4 mile open water swim, followed by a 112 mile bike, and then you finish with a full marathon.

This guy deserves a life time supply of dominate shirts. He's a serious poster dominator for the growing DomiNation of Multiple Myeloma and Life.

Quick chemo update - Below is today's picture of me getting yet another planned infusion. This will conclude Cycle #3 of 4. Just three more weeks of consolidation therapy to give MM a knock out punch and push me into Complete Response (meaning no detectable cancer). There is no promise that I will get to Complete Response and stay there, but that is what I am faithfully pulling for!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Infusion is back...

The brave new world, i.e. life post two bone marrow transplants, is different. For one, as I sit here in at UMCCC's infusion center drinking chemo through a vein in my right arm, I am much more tired. Not even the dexiness from the Dexamethasone (steroid) is keeping me from being reminded of the tiredness presented in my physical body. Mentally and emotionally I am still the dominating Phil everyone knows, but my physical cells that move me from here to there are screaming for rest.

Regardless, I am still very passionate about beating this thing and I feel like I am in the 4th quarter as I take on a heavy chemo regiment of consolidation. I am expecting to hear two words, Complete Response (CR), by end of year and I hope to remain there for a very long time, if not forever. Time will tell the effectiveness of this aggressive treatment, and I am hoping my experience can be a benefit for me personally and my family in terms of keeping me around, but I also want to see the world of Myeloma continue to advance in the knowledge that will get everyone the cure they need. I sense it's coming...

Above is a photo of me giving a shout out to the U of M Swimming team that my father-in-law has coached for over 25 years. He's quite a stud and I guy who admire and respect. So although I love Michigan Football, I also have a big heart for the Swim Team and Water Polo ;)

Dominate Multiple Myeloma and conquer Notre Dame.


P.S. If you want to join the domiNATION and raise funds to kick Multiple Myeloma...learn how by click here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take that IgG! Domination continues...

After having spent a number of hours in urgent care and a couple of extra trips to the infusion center for hydration and additional blood work, I can say all that is overshadowed by the results that are starting to come in following Chemo Cycle #2. I have already explained IgG a little in a previous post, but basically everyone has some level of IgG, which are antibodies that karate chop bad guys in the face. Unfortunately for my body, I have way too many IgG's who aren't doing much in the way of karate chopping any bad guys. As shown in the beautiful excel graph below, we can now say I am back to normal, for IgG levels that is. We will hear either tomorrow or Friday where the M-protein/spike is at (i.e. on its knees awaiting a final blow!).

I feel like everyone deserves a part of this good news because we have had an army of support! From meals, to people dominating bracelets, to taking care of our kids and to praying for us when we don't have the words...nor do we feel good enough or have enough energy to come up with them. So thanks to all and all a good night!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dominating Water with a side of Apple Juice

Cassie and I have been at the Cancer Center for 7 hours thus far. I am dominating 2 liters of water through an IV and some Mag Citrate. The meeting with Dr. J was good. We are going to delay the start of Cycle 3 for a week, and hopefully in that time my stomach and bowel get their act together and start playing together nicely. For those who don't know, Dominating Water is my life!

I haven't been able to stomach eating anything today knowing what I know now. I did have a couple of "free" apple juice boxes courtesy of the infusion center. This apple juice is so amazing that it takes produce from four different continents to come up with just the right blend. So although each box just carries a bit over four ounces, I will sleep well tonight knowing that it traveled tens of thousands of miles to make it into my stomach. Don't worry greenies out there, I paid $238,239,039.14 to offset the CO2 exhausted.