Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am alive and so are the bracelets!

Cassie and I have been overtaken by the addition of a third kid tossed on top of the already chaotic, but fun, responsibility of parenting the lovely Ocean and Iris. What this means is we are way overdue for some blogs sharing how things went with my two week hospital stay during my bone marrow transplant and what it's been like a month after. I promise they are coming sooner than Cassie's 32 hour labor with Ruby!

In the meantime, we did order more Cancer Kicker - dominate Bracelets! To get your 73 bracelets click here. Make sure to send us photos of you and your loved ones dominating like these people. Ocean is a big fan of the new shipment, as you can see:

P.S. Please pray/send positive thoughts/whatever for a MM patient named Jodi. She is around Day +18 from transplant and her numbers are still not coming back. She is a relatively young Myeloma patient with a lot of life ahead of her. Thanks everyone.


kdorkian said...

When I first started reading your blog, I was amazed at what you and your wife had been through with your cancer. I knew I had to include all of your family in my prayer list. Then I read about the pregnancy and cried because I was so worried about you. When Ruby was born and I read the excitement, I knew I had to change my pessimism to optimism concerning my own fight with myeloma. I am so amazed at you and your family. I just know that I can't wait to read what is going on with y'all and I pray daily for all of you. Ruby is a gem and the most courageous thing I have ever seen from a married couple. I admire all of you so much. Happy Mother's Day to your lovely wife. And Jodi is being sent prayers and good thoughts. You are good people. Rebecca Weber

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the prayer request for Jodi. It did my heart good to see that. I get mad at myself for getting so down about it all when she is staying so positive.
We sang "Garments of Praise" this morning in church if you don't know the song here are the lyrics:
Put on the garments of praise
For the spirit of heaviness
Let the oil of gladness flow down
From Your throne
Put on the garments of praise
For the spirit of heaviness
Your joy is my strength alone
My strength alone

Make these broken weary bones
Rise to dance again
Wet this dry and thirsty land
With a river
Lord our eyes are fixed on You
We are waiting
For Your garland of grace
As we praise Your name

Sing hallelujah
To Your name
Hallelujah Sing hallelujah
We trade our sorrows
For garments of praise

Needless to say I broke down and cried through the entire song. I am waiting for God's garland of grace to be on my sister and her health. I can't wait for the day I see my sister singing and dancing God's praise with her entire body and not just in her eyes but understand I am so thankful to see God's praise in her eyes.

Thank you for caring Phil. It means a lot!

feresaknit said...

I want one, I want a bracelet, I'll order one as soon as B let's me have the credit card. I noticed Cassie posted MM Monday's - you must be slave driving her and has Uncle Chip seen the stuff behind Ocean on the last pic? Anybody would think you didn't have anything else to do.

Seriously, not a word I use very often, I'm sure you are but make sure you are all looking after each other and accepting help when offered, except off that dodgy Aunt everyone seems to have who just wants to ferttle though your stuff, drink tea and complain about the biscuits someone else brought and keeps asking where the volme control is on the kids. ;D

It goes without saying positive thoughts to Jodi.