Sunday, January 1, 2012


Into the new year we go. We don't know what twists and turns to expect in 2012, but I do know that we have a family, friends and a growing community that is battle tested and can take on the unexpected.

One thing that Cassie and I have learned over the years it that the twists and turns will always come. It's part of the adventure. So as I get twisted all about this year there is one thing I want to keep my eyes on...and that is being thankful.

I often speak out on "dominating" or "dominating life".  Those are pretty loaded words at this point in my life, but this year as I continue dominating, I want to partner dominating with gratitude. Or explained in Phil terms, I want to dominate gratitude while I am dominating life.

Better yet, I want to follow someone else in this journey. Often times I find myself taking the lead, raising the flag, shouting from the roof tops. This year though, I want to learn to follow the lead of others. To encourage them, to support them, to shout from the roof tops in their effort to dominate and guide others to a better, more abundant life.

One leader I would like to follow is Alysa. Alysa and her family are straight amazing. Cassie and I met them while in Charlotte, NC and after only seeing each other twice in the total existence of our relationship, we knew we had connected with a couple that we would know for a long time.

Alysa has initiated the #365Thanks project (check it out). She is calling me to give thanks every day. What a simple idea, but man, this seems daunting.  I have so much to be thankful since my cancer diagnosis, maybe this project will allow me an opportunity to recall it over all of 2012.


Sandy said...

My mission has been to reach out and support MM'ers and family/friends with my intentions and in that process give thanks, be grateful, for the blessings that come, however they come. I know that giving thanks on a daily basis is a way that God knows He is being heard, just as we thank someone for their service or assistance. I am thankful for your DOMINATE message which is a reminder to never give up; to me that means never giving up on God's amazing power to transform the apparent reality... Intending your coming year is blessed!

Kristine said...

When you wrote about having a more abundant life it reminded of an article I just read that I thought you might be interested in.
I think I am going to take the simple advice of Pres. Thomas S. Monson of the LDS church as he talks about living a more abudant life.
It's found here.

Being diagnosed and then treated for MM certainly provides us with a catalyst to greet the world with gratitude and courage.
May you have a wonderful New Year!
Kris Kelly

CancerKicker said...

Sandy- Wow, what a mission. Let me know if there is ever a way I can support you in that. This was beautifully said, "to me that means never giving up on God's amazing power to transform the apparent reality..." Our perception of where things are at and where they are headed are a very limited view. Thanks for the great word!

Kristine - Attitude, Belief and awesome! I totally receive that message for myself. I think to #dominateLife, those are key ingredients. Thx for sharing!

Molly Parker said...

Thanks so much for sharing the #365Thanks idea! It is such a thoughtful idea to think about others and all of the things you DO have beginning in the new year rather than have a list of resolutions that are centered around yourself. Thanks for sharing this idea and have a wonderful start to your new year!
Your friend from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Molly

Anonymous said...

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rutha said...

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