Friday, June 29, 2012

Back in the (Treatment) Game

Ocean started baseball this summer. We spend many nights watching Tiger's Baseball. He is starting to pick up on the game and enjoys calling the Yankees "the scribbles" because their logo looks like scribbles to him. It's a joy to see him make many new friends and learn a new game and he is turning out to be quite the goof ball.

This week I am getting back in the maintenance game, after roughly 8 months off. I started back on 10mg of Revlimid for 21 days followed by one week off. Every three months I will be doing a cycle of Velcade for good measure. What's dominating cancer without some chemo cocktails...right???  I do miss all the folks on B1 at UMCCC...but now I get to see them every three months!

The gameplan is to follow this maintenance regiment for two years. It may seem kind of a crazy decision for someone who is in Complete Response (i.e. no cancer detection), but with Myeloma, we want to kick, crush and elbow drop from the high ropes this disease while we have it down. We don't just want to kick the disease down, we want to kick it down AND OUT... forever. We trust and believe this will increase our odds in this endeavor.




Yvon Papillon said...

Keep on Fighting Phil!


Carlin said...

We're with you all the way Phil! Keep dominating!

Big EZ said...

Phil, welcome to the world of Rev maintanence! I'm also on 10mg daily, but have no "off days. I'm enjoying complete response and non-dtectable M-Spike, but do have side affects of lousy sleep patterns and hot flashes. I hope you are spared any side affects! Go Tigers! Ez

Lovey said...

Good to read your post, Phil. I've been on the Rev maintenance for over two years now - same side effects that EZ mentioned. Please keep us all apprised about how the Velcade goes. Best wishes, Lovey