Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tribute To Paula

Tribute to Paula,

This past weekend the Myeloma community lost a bright soul.  She used knitting to spread love to my family and many others. Still to this day my kids only know of Multiple Myeloma in the context of the “Myeloma Buddies” that they cherish and sleep with every night. When Ruby was born we got a special special package from the UK. Paula had knitted a beautiful baby blanket for Ruby, the one she clutches to every night to comfort her when we leave the room for her to go to bed.

Paula’s generosity and sense of humor was something someone newly diagnosed with MM thrived on. She is going to be dearly missed, but never forgotten by our family. Our kids will one day know her, as they have known the gifts she has given them.

Paula – you will always be loved and thought of by the Brabbs family. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. We wil continue to doMMinate on your behalf.


Linda said...

Wonderful tribute Phil. We are all thankful for our Buddies, which will always keep us close to Paula. I will include these pictures on the collage for Bernard.

Unknown said...

Perfect Linda! Thanks for putting that together for B.

Unknown said...

Perfect Linda! Thanks for putting that together for B.

Sandy said...

I am willing to bet there are hundreds of people across this globe who connected with Paula and benefitted from that exchange... She is already missed.

Preferred Customer/ Janice said...

I too am sorrowful that Paula has passed but she gave us so much. I have written to her family and hope they find comfort in knowing how many lives she touched.
Glad you are doing well Phil. I have made a great comeback after a tough 18 months.
We love our Myeloma Buddies!