Saturday, October 13, 2012

NBC Sports Illustrated TV Show, 1:30pm EST, Saturday, Oct 13th

So, I must apologize for being slow to let people know that I will be on TV today on NBC at 1:30pm EST. All of this happened really fast. One day we were vacationing at Emerald Isle, NC, the next I was interviewed for a featured Sports Illustrated article, and before I knew it, there was a NY based film production studio at my house recording video of my family, me and my right leg attempting 44 yards kicks in the Big House, like I used to easily swiftly kick over 10 years ago, but not so easily now.

So for those with tevo, no Saturday soccer games to attend and tailgates to attend (like myself), tune into NBC at 1:30pm EST, and get an inside look into the interesting world of kickers, and the brotherhood that is formed throughout the years due to the intensity of the position, and the often brutal outcomes of some missed field goals at the end of the game, and the occasional make.

Keep dominating!



Sandy said...

I read about this someplace else... but missed seeing the show... how wonderful you are getting the word out about DOMINATING!

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