Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hope isn't a strategy...

..but it sure has been a motivator for me and my family as we continue to take on Multiple Myeloma, what is considered by most to be incurable.

Two months ago I got the difficult news that there may be a slight recurrence of the disease. This Tuesday I go in for labs to see if this is my new reality and whether the disease is again on the rise. Hope is powerful, it is critical and it's what helps push out the darkness in my life when this disease tried to pull me over to the dark side.

Life has been great, subtract my Michigan Wolverines struggling on Saturdays. My new job, which I took the leap of faith to join earlier this year continues to bring on new clients each month. We are always looking for more clients if you know anyone in sales and marketing who are looking to implement Salesforce or expand its capabilities! Like my new company on of my jobs is to grow our number of likes! :)

 Cassie and the kids are awesome. The highlight on the family front being our newest nephew who is already destined for U of M one day if his Uncle Phil has any say!

Finally, my health is great. For a while, my body continued to nag me every time I tried to go for a run. It seemed as if I pulled a different muscle each time I hit the pavement in my running shoes. Thanks to some great friends, I have transitioned to yoga. It's been a blessing and a great opportunity for me to regain physical strength, flexibility and even stamina...Yoga is no joke! I have also found the meditative peace to be very helpful.

Expect a post in two weeks providing an update on my Myeloma numbers. I am hopeful that they will be zero, but in the meantime, I will be dominating life with the family!


Julie said...

Hoping for ZERO for you Phil! You're young and strong and full of domination! Myeloma doesn't stand a chance with you anymore!!! Your family is adorable and you are Mr Domination!!! :) Julie

Julie said...
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Dr. Emily Schottman said...

I know the feeling...the m protein goes up and down, even when it's "normal". Keep the hope, no matter what! You can do it. Warmly, 7 other Myeloma survivors in Austin , Texas :)

Linda said...

Hoping those Myeloma numbers are indeed zero. Thankful you are feeling good, enjoying yoga, the new job, and your family! Add good food to the list and that's a great day to me...hehe! Look forward to hearing your numbers. Hope is key!

Carole Leigh said...

I, too, am hoping your number is ZERO! I am thankful and glad to read that you are feeling well and have started yoga. I am doing yoga, too, and I love it! All the best to you.
Carole Leigh