Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can you help me Speak up?

I have been encouraged by many people to (1) do more motivational speaking and (2) write a book.

Oh, how ironic this is for the one time kid who decided to study engineering for the sole purpose of not having to read, write or speak in class, let alone give a speech to a captive audience of more than two people, one being my mom. 

The fact I even blog as frequently as I do is nothing short of a miracle. I preferred calculus to pouring my thoughts into words, sentences, and paragraphs onto pages. Give me a soccer ball, football, baseball or even some crayons or a paintbrush; but a book, some reading glasses and some paper and thank you.

With the resurgence of Myeloma in me, I feel a conviction to speak boldly once again. I have captured a perspective on life at such a young age that many people in their old(er) age are just discovering. In a lot of ways I feel very fortunate, while at the same time, feeling held captive to this disease inside of me. Speaking helps me process, it is very therapeutic, and brings me purpose to live with this disease and push to dominate it. In the end, I think there is a book here, but I need to live it out some more. I need to share the story some more to discover the pearls.

So I need your help. I want to speak, I want to share, I want to take this show on the road, so to speak, but I don't know how. Yes, I have done motivational speaking at very large venues. I am experienced, but I have never pushed this, it's all just happened. People request that I speak, and I speak.

I now want to be more proactive. I want to speak to large organizations and small; all who are interested. I want to speak to congregations and high schoolers, to blue chip companies and the latest non-profit. All of which I have done, but I want to do it more. More than ever, I feel a sense of urgency and an obligation.

How can you help? Well... I need some direction on how to move this forward. I don't have an agent, I don't have a website, I sure don't have a book... all I have is my story. The story has been picked up by ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated and many news sources... all none of my doing. 

I do have a one pager that highlights my story, my experience speaking and gives some cliff notes on the message I bring. (check it out by clicking here

How do you advise, recommend, suggest I move forward in taking this show on the road? Well, not too much time on the road because I have a blossoming business (Go Torrent!) and a lovely family I need to focus on! (email any thoughts to phil @ cancerkicker dot org)

Thanks!! -Phil


Mike said...

Hi Phil,
Over here in the UK, Myeloma UK organise info days where patients and carers turn up to seminar style events at local venues. These days are massive in imparting treatment information to new MM's and their carers and in giving emotional support to patients and carers. Myeloma specialists attend on the day, such as doctors/consultants and specialist nurses. These are organised maybe once a month in a different area each time. Maybe you could organise a few of this type of event over there in the US.
I do know that the people at Myeloma UK would definitely chat to you and give you the benefit of their experience. If you wanted, I could get someone to message you.

Linda said...

Very exciting Phil...not sure we can help you with any advice, but will keep your flyer and pass along to the different groups we are associated with! You need to re-visit NC!

Phil Brabbs said...

Thanks Mike and Linda!

Mike- I would love their thoughts. If they ever want an American to come to speak, I am there! :)

Linda- Muchas gracias!