Friday, August 8, 2014

6 years later...doMMination continues!

6 years to the day, one day after turning 28, we were given the terrible news that there was some rare and incurable blood cancer detectable within my bone marrow. We were shocked, devastated and completely uneducated on the disease. So Cassie launched this blog to drive MM awareness and education to our friends and family.

At the time of diagnosis, we were told that 1 in 3 people live 5 years after diagnosis. Awesome.

Well, yesterday I turned 34 and today we celebrate 6 years of doMMination. Yesterday for my birthday dinner at Real Seafood in Ann Arbor, Cassie asked me what I have enjoyed most about the last year. I thought it was a great question because I very rarely reflect on the past.

So to help keep August 8 a positive day, each year I intend on recalling 10 things from the last year that made it no particular order:

  1. Our Marriage - Cassie and I are coming up on 10 years together next month and our communication and understanding of one another is at an all time high. I hope to spend the next 10 years appreciating our differences. 
  2. Our Neighbors - We had a desire to connect more with our neighbors and it naturally happened. We live next to some real cool and interesting people. 
  3. Our Kids - I love children. They are so challenging, but so full of life and adventure. We are so fortunate to have three kids, all of which have very good hearts. 
  4. Florida - We had a blast both in Disney World and staying with my parents at Anna Maria Island. Cassie agreed by far that this was one of the best vacations our family has ever had. 
  5. Business - I had a dream of working for myself one day. In stead, I get to work with my best friend at Torrent Consulting. We have worked so hard the last 12 months and are excited to have grown a team of over 20 people, all of which are unique, talented and very fun to work with!
  6. New/Old Friends - We have made some new friends and rekindled old relations. These friends have taught me how to kick it back in the present moment and just have a good time. 
  7. Yoga - After many failed attempts to become a runner (my body just couldn't take it), a friend suggested I try yoga. I am not quite a yoggie, but I love it!
  8. Our kids' elementary school. It's walking distance from our house, and it's filled with amazing kids that are part of amazing families, with amazing teachers. We are one year away from having all three kids there!
  9. Michigan Basketball - I went on whim and bought season UM Bball tickets last year. I went to almost every home game. I wouldn't quite say I am a fan yet, but I believe in what the coaching staff is doing.
  10. Guitar - No, I don't play the guitar, but Cassie has been learning for the last few months. Seeing her come alive this year in her own way on her own accord has been beautiful to watch. The last six years have been very challenging for her and it's great to see her blossoming again!

So.....although last year was the year my Myeloma resurfaced, it was probably one of the best years of my life.

Cheers to another great year with Myeloma!



Patricia Fragner Imsande said...

Your journey reminds me why I doMMinate! Thank you.

Linda said...

I love how you have turned the anniversary of your diagnosis, into a time of counting blessings, seeing the glass half full, and recalling these 10 things that you enjoyed most about the past year! If we look, there will always be something to be grateful for...even with MM. Sounds like life has been very sweet for you, Cassie and your family, and that makes alot of folks very happy!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Excellent post - you are an inspiration!

Sandy said...

I am delighted to hear you continue to DoMMinate and that all else is going well with and for you all!

My SIL now has six years behind him and finally has been able to begin getting off all meds. We are hopeful...

Julie said...

Yay for all your happiness and success Phil, on all levels! Great post! So with all the significant "8's" in your life, I say you wear 8 of your MM doMMinate bands! Your family is beautiful and you'll have another 88 years with them :) Julie

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Gabriel Ambuko said...
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Khalid Al Menhali said...

That is very good that you enjoying your life as normal keep it up I hope you the best

Khalid Al Menhali said...

That is very good that you enjoying your life as normal keep it up I hope you the best

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