Saturday, September 6, 2008

a non-update...

Just wanted to post a non-update.

We will not have any new information until Phil's next appointment. That's when they do more blood work and other fun tests to see what his numbers are doing. Even at that point we won't have as much information as we will at the February appointment since levels can vary quite a bit even day to day. 

It sounds sick but we're actually looking forward to these doctor visits. We feel like we're getting a grip on the reality of the situation, even though we were saying last night that when we talk about it, it's as though we're sitting outside of ourselves- like it's happening to someone else.

I think this is the craziest and most frustrating thing about "smoldering" multiple myeloma... they can't do anything about it until it becomes problematic. We liken it to driving around with your "check engine soon" light on but being unable to fix whatever's wrong. At any rate, that's what's happening (or not happening) around here on the MM front.

On another note, we're going to the beach with my parents and sister next week for ten days of oceanfront R&R. Looking forward to the respite. Not looking forward to the drive with the Littles... but it will be worth it to have some time away from home to plan and process, but mostly to just BE.

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