Monday, December 7, 2009

Two Months of our Lives...Gone

We just eclipsed the two month mark since I started my chemotherapy in route to kicking Multiple Myeloma (not Melanoma)for good. I also finished up Chemo Cycle #3 today and I am still doing great since the bout with projectile vomiting.

I am thinking it's time the Cassie and Phil Plus Cancer Video Blog series return tonight (click here to watch one of the first episodes back in October)....does anyone else agree? (Amy L. - you owe me a comment and I think I owe you four more bracelets).

Also, leave a comment on when you think I should unveil my dyed hair:
(1) After Christmas...idoit! But before New Year's.
(2) Dude, you should totally rock it for New Year's
(3) What?!?! I didn't know you were going to dye your hair!
(4) If you were tough you would just stop talking about it and do it now.

Multiple Myeloma for Dummies Helps Build Awareness in Every U.S. State and 50 Countries Since Phil started chemo only 2 Months Ago. Here are some of the numbers:
Check out below to see just where the traffic is coming from:


John said...

I'll look forward to the video!

Way to go with getting your website out there. I think the bracelets and videos make the difference.

Glad to hear you are tolerating the chemo.

tim's wife said...

New year's eve. Definitely.

Mustangbz said...

I think your blog has been such a hit due to word of mouth. I know when I'm talking about MM I always refer to your site. You and Cassie both have a way with words and that makes this MM journey a little easier to understand.
Plus you get a lot of love from the MMRF on FB too, 3800 fans have tons of friends you know.
Have a great week!
My vote is # 4!

Baj Family said...

Bring on the videos blue hair! By the way, you sure chucking some more chemicals upon that blond dome of yours is really the best idea considering the amount of chemicals in your system?! Keep dominating!

Jessica said...

(Oneills--so that gets 2 votes)

Kev said...

I'm thinking the video is a must - I haven't been getting much satisfaction out of the other TLC show mentioned before and am looking to you guys to fill the void...

Jessie said...

#2! #2! Perfect NYE attire. And won't scare the kids on Christmas.