Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little update from the homestead. The one in which we actually live, not the one that Dex built.

It's amazing how feeling good can make things seem as though cancer doesn't exist.

This week we work, we play and life goes on as normal. Things are a little messier (we lose two days per on-week at infusion so the general house responsibilities go to hell, if things weren't creeping that way already) and we're all a bit more cranky due to the winning combination of the Dex high wearing off, pregnancy exhaustion, dueling toddlers and gray Michigan skies. But I'll take a messy house and moodiness over what went down, or rather what didn't, just a couple of short weeks ago what with all the barf.

We have managed to get our Christmas tree up

and I have been getting all Martha Stewart-meets-Ty Pennington over here in the evenings once Phil and the kids are in bed. I've been working on the kids' Christmas gift: creating a sensory table/craft area for the kids' playroom. And I finally finished making the lazy susan that I've been wanting to do forever.

I also painted what we call the "short wall" in the playroom with magnetic primer and will put a chalkboard paint topcoat on it so the kids can have a magnetic chalkboard to practice writing their letters, numbers and complaints to management.

I even went to the grocery store and bought actual ingredients and have been cooking. Nothing as delectable as our amazing friends have provided for us, but still. Food. It feels like real life again.

In addition to his day job, Phil is working on getting out the rest of the wristbands. In case I didn't say it before, many, many thanks are due to Erin, Jessica, Todd and my mom for getting us caught up when we've fallen behind. There would be no Cancer Kicking without you, at least from the perspective of about 1500 wrists. And of course a huge thanks to everyone who continues to support myeloma awareness by rocking your wristbands.

So yes, this off-week has been productive. Much more so than the others. I will even venture to tentatively say that all signs point to a smooth final cycle beginning next week and a poop-filled, vomit-free Christmas.

Hallelujah, y'all.


keri m said...

You are totally amazing that the pregnancy/cancer combo can't stop you from getting up your Christmas tree. What's my excuse? None. Absolutely none. You guys rock.

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah, y'all. Y'all?!?!? I LOVE it. Your southern roots are showing and I am loving it!! :)

Roobeedoo said...

Lucky kids! Sounds like a lovely creative space you are making for them!
And go poop!

Mandy Chambers said...

I LOVE the new art center at your house! I am super impressed that you built it Cassie, wow! It looks like it came straight out of IKEA for $200! And I was totally envious of Ocean and Iris's magnetic wall (yes, I did play with it for a while). I asked Eric if we could paint my office wall with magnetic paint, but he wasn't quite as excited. ;)