Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cycle #5: Much of the same...

Just a quick mid-cycle post. After I finally decided to have folks pray for me following my 12 day bout with projectile vomiting and 6 days of not being able to hold down even a teaspoon of water, my body has bounced back. I can't explain it, nor can the Docs. I was literally heading towards hell and no drug could stop it. Isn't it funny how many people only turn to a hirer power when things get really, really bad. I am hoping my kids don't follow suit when they are older and only call me when they need bailed out!

News on the transplant #1 front and other happenings:
  • All my tests, labs, doc meetings, cytoxin infusion, and harvest are on the books. Cells will be pulled mid-Feb
  • High dose chemo and transplant still not scheduled; waiting on Cycle #5 results
  • I purchased Rock band for the Wii and will not break it open until post-transplant. Video games is totally out of character for me...thanks cancer for allowing me to be a kid again.
  • Maize and Blue hair dying will probably happen the first week of February!
  • Cassie is still holding up like a champ, but her belly is getting huge! 3 more months until baby #3 is here!
  • Cassie for putting up with my dex ideas and being somewhat of a single parent during this time
  • Family for watching the kids during my infusion, getting genetic testing done and all that other good stuff
  • Friends for continuing to bless us with at least two meals a week...unbelievable
  • My new MM friends who unfortunately are given the horrible fate of MM, but can join the hope train with us
  • Michigan Faithful for continuing to show your support
  • Dr. J and BN for providing the best medical support and growing friendship
  • ..and God...I'll try to call your name out on some of the high moments, although it's easy to forget


John said...

With your upcoming transplant AND the new baby, there will be two births in the Brabbs' family this spring.

bajenaru said...

Man, so happy that your Project: Vomit is no more! So many things that just make me smile about this post. Very happy that things are progressing in good ways and very happy to hear about that baby bump! We love you guys and wish we could bring you a meal!

Roobeedoo said...

Sounds like you are on the up and up (other than the vomit which we are glad to hear is staying down!) Great that you are getting so much practical support.