Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thanks Frank

Yesterday was my hardest day yet. I was extremely tired and had a bad headache. Not the ideal state of mind for a national syndicated interview. So when I got a call from Frank Beckmann's administrative assistant, I did what any other person who wants Multiple Myeloma to be a household cancer name would do, I picked up the phone.

So I actually did more than pick up the phone. I allowed Frank to interview me about my journey with Multiple Myeloma; literally the first full day home after my 2nd Bone Marrow Transplant (who does that?!?!?!?!). Frank and everyone at WJR involved did such a wonderful job. You can listen to the interview online right here:

As mentioned on the interview. I will be moving away from blogging as I focus on gaining my physical strength back. The Cancer Kicker Foundation (CKF) will still be pushing forward so more updates about how I am doing will be provided (most likely by Zak) there at You can help get the Cancer Kicker Foundation off the ground by buying some dominate stuff at

Addendum by Cassie:
Check back periodically, folks. I plan to pick up the posting slack while Phil is on the mend.


Preferred Customer/ Janice said...

Phil, Cassie and family, thanks for sharing and inspiring. The bottom does fall out sometimes when you have so much going on. I did dozens of interviews for MM for my natural healing product all over the country, and it is exhausting (of course on the phone). Relax, heal and remember you are human and we need to rest. YOu all need to gel as a family and we pray for you daily.

CancerKicker said...

Very wise Janice. We are going to definitely do that.

Susie Hemingway said...

Sincerely wishing you a restful time from blogging while you gain your strength back. My adult boys loved their dominate t-shirts and are still cheering you on from this side of the pond.

Josh said...

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