Friday, January 14, 2011

Down, Down, Baby!

The M-spike is almost DOMINATED! For the first time in almost three months and six rounds of aggressive chemotherapy later, my M Protein has gone from 0.2 to 0.1. I was starting to get pretty irritated from hearing 0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 0.2 while aggressively treating the disease through consolidation therapy following two autologous bone marrow transplants this summer.

I realize everyone is different, but most of the young people I follow with MM have achieved CR (Complete Response) following induction therapy that was much less aggressive than mine, followed by a single autologous transplant. We have found that because my disease was advancing slowly, it has followed that same trend on its way out of my body.

To be transparent, this news brings a big sigh of relief. I had a number of folks remind me to remain patient and that a M-Spike of 0.2 is great, but when your goal is CR and you have been taking aggressive therapy for 4 months with no signs that the disease is diminishing; it can start to weigh on your emotions especially when you are physically being taken down to the weakest point in your life.

Thanks to everyone who has remained so supportive throughout this journey. We cannot thank you enough for the meals, the words of encouragement and other support that has come in various forms. A special thanks to Daniel for challenging me to believe that God has healing for me and wants to dominate this disease. My prayer for the entire week was to receive this word and live with an expectation that my M-spike would be lower.

Where to next? Well 0.0 of course! I begin maintenance therapy which takes me from three drugs to one; and the one that I will be on is only 60% the dosage. We will be checking the M-Spike again in 5 weeks.

I'll end with a picture of Coach Hoke and me after the Washington Kick. Watch out Myeloma and watch out Ohio!


Janis said...

Awesome news!! Keep on fighting!

Yvon Papillon said...

Fantastic, My M spike was 4.7 after my first transplant! Now 2.6! Before second one. You Rock!


Meghan said...

This is awesome! I have been checking the blog all day after your tweet last night. Keep dominating!

Preferred Customer/ Janice said...

Congratulations and may the healing continue. We all have a path to travel here and it is not always easy but you are able to inspire so many. Have a good family weekend and may you all continue to be blessed. Hugs to all!!!

Sandy said...

there's a silly song I used to sing to my kids when they were ill and feeling bad... (Make up your own tune) "Every little cell is healthy and well, healthy and well, healthy and well, every little cell is doing just fine!"

And I INTEND (as well as pray) that all of your cells are back on track, doing just what is right and good and that the M spike reaches 0.0 - this is for the highest and best good of all concerned - so be it and SO IT IS! Whooooooooo! Do-min-ate!

Card Shark said...

Yay! So glad to hear the wonderful news. Nick and I have never doubted that you would reach CR and we know that is just around the corner. It took him a while too, and a lot of frustration during the journey, but achieve it he did...and so will you!

Hello to the whole family and keep dominating!


Carlin said...

Rock on Phil! You are a true inspiration regardless of your M-spike number, but we are all thrilled obviously that yours is going down!

Anonymous said...

Dear Phil, we met once on the blue bus going to or from North Campus, and you seemed like a cool dude. I hope you continue to feel better and recover completely! Go Blue!

Doug Sanders

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the drop. Way to go. Because psychologically zeros are best! :D

(Hey my word verification is herro - how appropriate on your blog!)

Stephanie said...

Great news, Phil! So happy to hear you're making progress on your fight against MM. Looking forward to hearing a 0.0 M spike in a month!

Stephanie & the Light The Night team