Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spirits are on the Rise

Without a post in almost 3 months, you may have suspected I have disappeared. Well, sort of, but it is all good. I have moved into the state where I am getting checkups every 3 months to review the status of my M-spike, along with all the other key numbers.

The cancer hasn't progressed. I have been at a standstill of 0.1 M-spike since last December. This is great news. I am still on maintenance drugs to continue to suppress the disease, keeping hope that this will end up being a cure for my Multiple Myeloma.

The summer was wonderful. Our family is starting to come alive and although stress levels are still higher than I would like, we are moving beyond the day to day, week to week, craziness that Myeloma brings people. We are so thankful that our concerns of the day are returning to: What's for dinner? What kid drew on the wall? Where are my keys?

I sense the spirit continue to rise in and around us. The state of Michigan I believe is on the same path; coming out of the ashes to birth new economy; new hope. For my body, I am looking for a rebirth as well with my new immune system trying to find its way in this world.

As an athlete raised up in Michigan Sports....can life really get any better (see: Lions, Tigers, UM, MSU)?!?!? Here's a photo of me dominating the Lions game. I had not been to a game in 15 years.


Linda said...

Sooooo very happy for you! I'm sure everyone was hoping that no news was good news. Congrats! I must say though that your enthusiasm, encouragement, and connection with others in the MM community has been sorely missed. Yours was the very first myeloma blog we found and it served as a down-to-earth, informative beacon of hope and domination. You were like everyone's coach, pushing team MM toward victory. Keep dominating and enjoy every moment of feeling well!

Sandy said...

My relative is at that same 0.01 level and life with a small child continues apace for them as well with things on the job front and home front settling into that now much-desired level of 'normalcy' not-so-appreciated before the dx!

It is wonderful news that the summer was gratifying and that your silence was due to 'getting back into life' instead of teetering on the edge of the MM precipice. I am intending for your family and my relative's family that this is a winter of 'normal' and that you are both healing daily with all your good cells doing what they are supposed to do... for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and SO IT IS! Amen!

CancerKicker said...

Linda- I sense a resurgence back into the MM community once we get this new rhythm of family life and work figured out. We have learned so much over the last three years, it's been hard to reflect until now. The journey isn't over yet and we too appreciate the MM community as source of comfort and strength. We're not done dominating until MM is kicked to the curb for good.

Sandy- great to hear about your relative. I look forward to my kid's teen years where they can look back on the experience and really share with the what this meant for a family and how so many people were raised up to support and cheer us through this struggle.

Jody said...

Glad to hear things are going well and you have been settling into the new "normal". We are finally getting to that point too and it feels great to be getting back to the usual insanity of life with small kids. :)

Ed (Blog Adminstrator) said... could be better. You could be from Wisconsin. Let's see: Lions 5-0, Packers 5-0 and haven't lost since November. Wearing Super Bowl Rings. Michigan: Ranked 10 Wisconsin Ranked 4 and in the hunt for a possible national title. Tigers and Brewers both in second round of playoffs. You do have a small advantage with the Red Wings being 2-0. We don't have a hockey team. But most importantly, both of us are battling mightily against the common enemy of MM. I'm feeling good. Targeting transplant for early 2012. Hope you continue to dominate.

Preferred Customer/ Janice said...

Blessings to you all and may recovery continue!

DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

Jacqlyn said...

I was really fortunate to find your blog for many reasons. First, my dad was diagnosed with m.m. and we are from michigan! i actualy went to MSU(: go green! he is about to undergo a bone marrow transplant. my sister and i are the ones that take care of him and i'm wondering what to expect and how he will feel. my email is I would love to hear from you!