Saturday, November 5, 2011

Y Not?

Why not sign up at the local YMCA that is just blocks from our house? Well, the last couple of years the idea of going into a closed space like this with two little ones who love to collect germs, was less than ideal given my compromised immune system due to the Multiple Myeloma and the chemical warfare that was recently enacted.

Well, we have reached a new era. My immune system is on the rise and we now have three kids who love to collect germs. The difference being that I now have a physical body that ain't like it used to be. I may "look good", but under that smile is a body that has been physically dominated. Although I have been running, I still have not found the time to return to hitting the weights to strengthen both my bones and (non-existent) muscles. 

Yesterday Cassie went down to the YMCA and pulled the trigger on a YMCA members to (1) get us both into shape and (2) give us a family place to go to help us maintain sanity as we move into the cold and dreary winter months in Michigan. The Y happens to have free childcare, so I suspect Cassie will be there every day! 

Lastly, I sense that we are moving into a new phase in our domination of life and taking on Multiple Myeloma. This may or may not activate us writing more blogs to chronicle our experience, but I hope i does!  Regardless, I have gotten a little more active on Twitter (@brabbs) if any of you are on there!!

See you at that Y. -Phil


Gina said...

Way to go! After being sidelined by MM for the past two years, it feels great to finally get back in the gym. Albeit, it was a little humbling when I realized that lifting half the weight I used to lift was too heavy!!! The folks at The Forum Fitness Center in Salisbury, NC have been great at showing me how to modify. We all gotta take that first step.

Sandy said...

Intending, Phil, that you and the family find the Y a good place to be... Y not remind them of the importance of keeping germs under control by encouraging 'fitness tips' to members like
1) WASHING your hands after using the loo
2) WASHING your hands after sneezing and
3) WASHING your hand before using the equipment. Plus they might encourage having disinfectant and paper towels in the gym so people can do their own wipe-downs before and after using.... just some ideas!

Big EZ said...

Great minds think alike!!! Linda and I just signed up for REX Healthcare. It is a full service facility with weights and workout machines, exercise classes, hot and warm pools, walking track, etc. I fully relate to the realization of loss muscle and overall fitness during the last two years as we battled MM. I am now officially a MM Survivor as we passed the 1 year post transplant mark at a Duke survivors reunion last month. Now to work on strength and stamina for the battles of the future. MM doesn't rest so we shouldn't either. Glad you and the family have joined the Y! Buy a 55 gallon drum of hand sanitizer and simply dip the young-ins before and after any outings there. Glad to hear you will be blogging more. You and Cassie have been missed.

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