Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dudes, our appointment has been pushed back to March 3rd. Just FYI for those who were planning to check for an update next week.


Nick said...

Guys -

This is Nick, of the creatively named! :)

Phil, drop me an email at artisannvandyk at earthlink dot net and let's see if we can get a youngin's Myeloma support group together.

Barlogie told me he treated somebody who was 18 at diagnosis in 1984 and that person is still around and kicking, and there is a 12 year old which is the youngest on record as getting it.

Anyhow, I've got half a dozen folks in the under 45 set and they'd be good to talk with, I think. We have different problems than most.

Be well. And I always rooted for the Wolverines against USC. :)



Cassie said...

Thanks, Nick... I'll have Phil email you. (Barlogie sounds like The Man.)

I'm shocked and horrified re: the 12 year old.

We think of you and Jill every day and my head is spinning with all you're going through there... stay focused and strong and give Jill a high-five for me.

Don said...

Hi Phil,

I wish there was a good way to know when smoldering has broken into a genuine flame. I took a crack at answering your question here.