Thursday, February 26, 2009


Even though our appointment was pushed back until Tuesday Phil had his blood work done on Monday. We know someone who knows someone and had his results pulled today.

Phil's M-Spike went up to 2.9 from 2.7. There are some other changes in things like light chains and IgG but we don't know the significance of those yet. Calcium levels are good which means his bones are probably fine and there's very little M-protein in the urine which Phil thinks is significant enough to mention here.

We've said all along that this would be the most telling appointment, and it's pretty apparent to us based on these numbers that the myeloma is, in fact, active and progressing. However, neither of us are doctors so it will be good to speak with Dr. J on Tuesday and get his take on things.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. More to come next week.


Balazers said...

Okay, trying to follow... has it been a 2.9 in the past? That sounds familiar? And then it went down again.? I though that was part of why he had to get tested twice one time.... Is that where all the other indicators come in?

Phil said...

Exactly. I think tracking from diagnosis the numbers went 2.2, 2.4, 2.9 (oh snap), 2.7 (one week and one month later), 2.9 (now)

Way to remember the numbers!

:) said...

we continue to keep you in our prayers.
the oneills

Jominys said...

We have been and will continue to pray for you. Thanks for keeping us updated via this site. I love the idea for the CancerKicker foundation. It is just like you to be thinking of ways to use your harships to benefit others. Stay strong and continue to be an example to me and my family.