Monday, February 16, 2009

New Data Point Coming Soon...

This coming Sunday begins the 24 hour pee-pod followed by blood work on Monday. Because I am a simple guy and as the blog title states this is for dummies, the things I hope for in the results are that that calcium stays in my bones and the M-Protein stays under 3.0.  There are a lot of numbers to track, but those are the high level markers of whether or not we need to start thinking about thinking. I would rather not start thinking... :P

Roughly 99.9% of the time I am not reminded of the fact that I have cancer of the incurable variety. I think the quarterly testing makes me think about it 0.1% of my time.  Stupid tests.....Results will be in next Tuesday, Feb. 24th.  Go Blue, Phil


Jeff and Alysa Bajenaru said...

I will be praying for no pee protien, a lot of calcium in your bones and those so called M-protien levels to be below 3.0 and for zero thinking to be taking place!
You're awesome my brother from another mother but with the same Father!

Cassie said...

Phil, I have to edit your post. Because the actual description of your 24-hour urine sample is much more graphic than my photo from three months ago. Ew.