Saturday, March 14, 2009


Little Rock anyone? So after receiving the news that my levels are steadily on the rise we think that journeying to another land to get a second opinion is probably a good option at this point. I would prefer to just karate chop every myeloma cell in the face, but I was told they don't have faces....those sneaky little bastards.

After a few conversations with folks who have been down this path themselves or with their loved ones, it's clear that one of the world's center of excellene for MM is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. I would have preferred Hawaii, Sarasota or possibly San Diego, but Walmart's Sam Walton who died of MM, was from Little Rock here we come...maybe.

We still have to run this all by our insurance provider to make sure they will support our decision; otherwise we may have to consider selling Ocean to the circus, although I think he would do quite well and maybe we should consider that even if we don't go.

Make sure to say a little prayer for my Wolverines tonight...they are definitely a bubble team for the NCAA tournament. If they get in, maybe they will get some extra cash to buy my hot new software that is going to hit the market this April


Jeff and Alysa Bajenaru said...

Dude, hope you cleared by the insurance to go down to the 'sas. I want to hear what they think of those "sneaky bastards". They deserve more than a karate chop to the grill I might add!

Jennifer said...

I know that Arkansas has a wonderful program but you can also go to closer to Indianapolis. Kevin's doctor is fantastic. Mutiple Myeloma is his specialty. His name is Dr. Rafat Abonour. Google him and you can find out about him a little bit. I can get you in contact with his nurse practioner and she can get you hooked up with him. You can do the stem cell transplant here in Indianapolis. Kevin made it through with flying colors. Let me know if you want more information. Jen Gilmore (

zerofill said...


You may or may not have seen the forum I recently started that is 100% dedicated to Multiple Myeloma. Please take a moment to sign up, tell us your story, and support others like yourself. If you like the site please add a link to us as well...