Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stem cell transplant... check.

Yesterday Phil said something to the effect of, "Kicking cancer is pretty boring." I'm glad he brought it up because I was thinking the same thing, but who says that to a cancer patient? Not I.

We've discovered that Phil has a sensitivity to Compazine, so he's getting Ativan for nausea instead. This means he has been sleeping for at least the last 15 hours. Sleeping is better than the alternative.

The stem cell transplant was incredibly uneventful, as we expected it would be. There always seems to be a bunch of fanfare around The Transplant, but the truth is the real work is going to be done over the coming days, weeks and months as Phil's stem cells work their way back into his bone marrow. It took about a half hour from start to finish, and Phil dozed through most of it while the P.A. and I chatted about eating low on the food chain and running while in labor. You know, light topics. We were told the preservative they use tastes and smells like either fish, garlic, creamed corn or tomato juice, and so both of us were given mints to suck on during the transplant to help with the taste and smell. We were praying for tomato juice, but we got creamed corn. That was second on our list so not too bad, and definitely better than fish. I did get a great picture of Phil holding his bag of stem cells but I'm having technical difficulties and can't upload it. Of course. So that will have to happen another day. Perhaps tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at the hospital and then came home to eat dinner and tuck the kids in. It was a very uneventful day. Unless you're Phil's bloodstream I suppose. There's quite a bit of straight awesome goin' on in there.

Something else really cool going on is this. I didn't know it was happening, even though Phil obviously did, and even though my dad coaches the swim team. No one tells me anything. There's probably a reason for that. Anyway, this is so very cool and Phil and I are very stoked to hear how it all goes.

Oh and another thing... we are totally out of wristbands. We removed the button on the blog last week in preparation for Phil's hospitalization since he and I personally mail out all the wristbands and we knew it would be impossible to get to the post office for the duration of his hospital stay. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and we'll let you all know once we've reordered and are ready to take that on again.

If anything cool happens I'll post again but for now you can safely assume the following:
1. Phil is still sleeping.
2. I am still pregnant.
3. My mom is mediating an argument of some sort between my children.



Kindred Spirit said...

I am remembering your intentions in my daily prayers. May God bless you.

SkyChickJuls said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you guys. "Just keep swimming....swimming swimming swimming."

Becky said...

Okay, I had a thought very similar to Phil's "cancer treatment is boring," only mine was, "cancer treatment is mostly driving." Because that is what it seems like down here, where I live a 45 minute drive from all the best doctors. I just didn't want to pick Dr. Convenient simply because he was just up past the Publix, you know?

Nerissa Picadizo said...

Dear Cassie,

Thank you for continually sharing your stories… I am learning a lot….

Know that you and Phil are bathed in love. Surrounded by supporters in both the physical and spiritual realms you grace.

Love and Light,

Philip said...

The boringness continues....I just wish I had an appetite!

Jodi said...

Sometimes being bored is a good thing. Don't overexcite those new cells, they have a job to do. All my best wishes to you and Casssie.
Prayers from NJ.


Carolyn said...

Cassie - our cousin Pat in St. Simon's Island is participating in the Relay for Life there. She's a cancer survivor and a big supporter of the Relay for Life. Love you lots!! tweetie :)

Karen said...

Hi Cassie
We have met only once when I helped in your Camp Creation Dance class last summer. You & Phil are a phenomenal inspiration and we are all praying for you big time. You obviously have a busy time ahead with the new baby etc, so just a thought - but if you want a willing volunteer to continue with the wristbands in the interim, I live in A2 and would be more than willing to help out. Feel free to text or call me if this appeals (734-277-7661). Karen

Sean said...

Boring or not, welcome to the stem cell transplant club! Your wallet card is in the mail.

When I had my two transplants at UAMS,for some reason I didn't smell anything. I could smell my gatorade and everything else, just not the DMSO with stem cell concoction. God dispenses small and big favors, I susspose!

My dear wife, however, was just about undone by the strong presentation of 'corn chips' and to this day has not gone near a bag of Fritos.

Blessings for a speedy recovery!

Sean M.