Monday, April 26, 2010

Myeloma Mondays #12: Deborah from Tiburon, CA

Where were you born and raised?
  • Cleveland Ohio
Where do you currently live?
  • Tiburon, California
When were you diagnosed and how old were you? (example: 8/8/08 - age 28, IGG Kappa)
  • October 31st, 2009. 58 years young
Did you know what MM was prior to diagnosis?
  • No.
Is there anyone else your in family with MM?
  • No...I think my mother may have had it.
What led to your diagnosis?
  • I had been sick for over a year. I went to every doctor I could think of, but everyone turned me away or passed me on to someone else. My Obgyn finally gave me the right test, and told me I would have to see one more doctor to see what was wrong with me. She knew.
How many times were you referred before actually being diagnosed?
  • At least 7 times.
Where have you received treatment?
  • Kaiser Hopsital in San Rafael, Ca.
Explain your treatment history
  • 11/2009 Velcade 2x weekly.
  • 11/2009 Orivia (sp?) 1x monthly
  • Starting Autologous transplant 5/2010
Why did you or your doctor choose a specific treatment?
  • Because I have chromosome damage.
What has been the side effects of the different treatments?
  • Dizziness, confusion, nausea, vomiting, dirrarhea, loss of appetite, weight loss (yay).
What has been the hardest thing about your MM journey?
  • Having to go to the hospital 3x a week. It's like a job!
What are the top lessons learned that you would want a newly diagnosed MM patient to know about?
  • Stay positive, find out what works for you, and accept the help you need!
How have you been able to stay positive a.d encouraged in your MM journey?
  • Support from loved ones.
After being diagnosed... What perspective was changed the most?
  • That people who don't find an answer, should go back and find one!
Did you or a parent work in a field with or were exposed to toxic chemicals prior to diagnosis?
  • Besides being raised in a smoke-filled home, no.
What MM sites or blogs had you found good information from after diagnosis?
  • This one!
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