Monday, September 28, 2009

5 Reasons Why Kicking Cancer will be easier than Kicking for Michigan

People kicking cancer get to join a "battle", "fight" their disease and become "warriors".
Kickers are the ones who you hope you will never have to rely on and who bring up the team GPA.

People kicking cancer shave their heads.
Kickers at Michigan get their heads shaved against their will.

People kicking cancer must do urine collection in a plastic jug.
On the sidelines of the Purdue game I had to use... never mind. Too many details for 99% of our readers.

People kicking cancer often have to take steroids.
Kickers at Michigan only get access to chicken steroids.

People kicking cancer have fans show up to support them from everywhere.
(Some) kickers at Michigan get boo-ed at the Big House in front of a home crowd. (Yes, this happened at least once to me...and I am sure there are a few folks who still throw up on impulse when they see the #34 or hear the the name Brabbs.)


Baj Family said...

I love this post! And I too have used a sideline/bullpen "device" to relieve myself. Fun times!

Jennifer said...

This is what my husband's doctor does for money for multiple myeloma research. They didn't have a website before. I thought you would like to see what can be done with a short run/bike ride:)