Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who signs up for a 10k before cancer treatment...?!?!

...I do. I feel like I have been sitting back and not taking on the disease beyond eating a good diet thanks to a wonderful bride who puts up with my complaining. I am by far in the worst shape of my life since quitting athletics a few years back

So I signed up for a 10k just so I could kick things into high gear right before we start treatment in October. I am running almost every day now and I can hardly finish a 5k. If I could run 8 minute miles for 6.2 miles I will feel like I have pushed my body to the max before the chemicals start to sink in. 

Today was my first day running the course....well half of it. There's a 5k and 10k run that both finish in the Big House. The 10k is actually just the 5k course times two

If any of you folks who mysteriously follow our blog and are to wimpy to let us know want to run with me, I am game.  Or if you just want to give us a shout out to let us know you are watching...that would mean a lot too. 


tk said...

I'm watching and I wish you luck!

Balazers said...

I'm in!

LisaRoze said...

reading, watching, praying.

aiauw said...

Hey Phil,
Don't want to be considered wimpy so I officially became a "follower"! Praying for you brother.
Scott Mottice

strunny said...


Rashelle said...

I am watching and wishing you the best of luck in fighting this. I went to HS with Cassie and try to stay updated on both blogs. My best to you and your family.....stay strong!!!

Meredith said...

Hey Phil-I have been reading your blog and thinks it's incredibly inspirational. Good luck with the race! Lots of thoughts and prayers coming from Boston!
-Meredith Patin

UBU Brian said...

Hey Phil,
Just found out about the blog via mgblog. I am not in the situation that you are in, however I have recently started running to overcome years of laziness that have left me unhealthy. I am doing the Big House Big heart run as one step in my goal to change my life around. Hearing your story is touching. I have no doubt that every time I am tired and want to quit I will think of your strength. I wish you nothing but the best!

Brian Wietzke