Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MM Bringing Spartans, Wolverines and even Buckeyes together...

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to connect with JM up at MSU. JM's husband, SM, was diagnosed with MM at the age of 25! They have an amazing story which has provided me with so much strength and encouragement ever since I learned of them through someone on my medical team. JM has been awesome at reaching out to me to get the live updates on how both Cassie and I are doing. So today we met in person for the first time and it was so great. As I was driving back to Ann Arbor I started to think how MM has brought so many people into my life that I hardly know, but that I am so thankful for.

Oddly enough, in my email inbox when I got home there was a message from a friend who had another buddy who was recently diagnosed with MM. This fellow lives down in Columbus, OH of all places and I can honestly say that I know what he is going through right now given that my diagnosis is still fresh in my mind. We may be in different life stages, but the whole uncertainty aspect knows no age, gender, or college football affiliation!

I think one thing cancer patients and their families do best is help absorb each other's worries and provide hope that is very hard and probably awkward for those who haven't been touched by cancer to offer up. So the web of relationships caused by my MM diagnosis continues to expand, and for this I am saddened, but also thankful. Thankful, because I know that with each diagnosis there will be more pain and anxiety, but with that there will be a greater measure of hope to be expressed and shared by all.

We will kick this thing...together.

-CancerKicker #34

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SibbSabb said...

I read about you on MGoBlog. From a fellow Dow High/U of M alum to another, you're in my thoughts.