Monday, September 14, 2009

...and welcome, also, MGoBlog readers.

We woke up this morning to an email from my BFF asking if we had seen this post on MGoBlog. We hadn't... and are amazed at how quickly information travels these days. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words of support. If you're coming here for the first time, you can go through the archives to follow along. There's also a quick timeline recap at the top of the right side menu. If you want to know more about Multiple Myeloma, go here and click through, or for a more concise explanation go here.

We're officially on vacation but are still checking in here periodically in light of being outed over the weekend. Phil is fishing, boogie-boarding and throwing footballs on the beach with our kids. We feel a million miles away from cancer right now, and are just focusing on building up our strength for the next phase of facing this disease. We are strong, joyful and grateful for what we have.

To everyone who has left a comment, and especially those of you touched by cancer in some way, our hearts go out to you and we draw strength from your stories. As Phil mentioned in an earlier post we are so sorry to be connected in this way but so thankful to be able to share our lives with you. 

Love to all. 

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S said...


I read with great sadness the news about your cancer. However, after reading the story in the paper about your faith and attitude, and knowing you're a Michigan Man, I know you'll "kick" this disease.

I was in the Big House the day you made that kick to beat Washington and hopefully soon I'll be reading a story about your personal victory over cancer. I'm confident I will.

Evan said...

The entire UM community wishes you health, strength and good luck as you battle MM.

Anonymous said...

Phil, Cassie and family,

I am truly heartbroken to read the news. I, too, have lost family members to cancer and worked as a social worker in oncology for some time as well. The challenge is great, but it is not insurmountable. If I am correct in remembering the diagnosis, I believe Shawn Lazarus' father, Gary Lazarus, is also battling mm. I hate that cancer is touching our Michigan Family.

That kick is still one of my favorite moments as a Michigan fan. I was 40 weeks pregnant with my first daughter at that game and no one can believe the drama of that moment didn't send me straight into labor (I waited two more days for the Auburn vs. USC game for that!).

Phil, I still have the picture I took of you outside the tunnel after the game. It was something I will never forget.

I'm not a terribly religious person, but today, I will say a prayer for all of you. May God bless your cotton pickin' maize and blue hearts.

dan said...

You are in an entire nation's thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

Scott said...


Just wanted to step in and wish you luck. You're in the thoughts of the entire Wolverine nation.


Smalls said...

Hey Phil, you provided one of the great moments of my time in Ann Arbor. I can still remember your kick against Washington like it was yesterday. I wish you all the best in your battle and know you can beat it.

Go blue.

gbowman said...


While I am saddened by your news, I am impressed by your strength. My family is praying for you and knows that you will win this fight. Go Blue!

Grant Bowman

Jilly said...

Cassie and Phil- I shared your story in the paper with my father. He is a HUGE U of M football fan and remembers your kick:). He is also battling cancer (Renal Cell) and is rooting you on!!!! I'm thinking of you and your entire family always!

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil and Cassie,

Thanks for sharing your journey - triumphs and heartaches. Lots of love to you and hope to see you soon!

Robyn Scherr-Wells

Captain Morgs said...

Wow, I don't even know what to think. I saw this on Laura's facebook page and immediately started reading all the info on Phil. I graduated with Laura, and although I was never really great friends with either of them, I wanted to send out my thoughts and prayers. My mother battled breast cancer my senior year of high school so I know that word is a scary thought. But I also know that Phil is super strong and has amazing faith in God and will beat this terrible disease! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family....keep smiling, you'll do great!

John said...

Phil & Cassie;

Glad to hear you are vacationing prior to treatment.

I am slow to put 2 + 2 together but the revelation finally occurred when I read the MGoBlog... BTW, my wife is a Michigan grad!


MichiganGrads said...

Hey Phil,

We heard about your diagnosis through the Midland grapevine. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I seem to remeber that everyone shaved their head for the Midland Dow games. Don't fear it just use it focus on the skills you have to play the game (positive attitude, great family, wit, humor, video games, movies, & faith). Treat this like the road to the dome where every week you have to fight to win.

The Plotts

Jobi Harrell said...

Wow! Things sure got busy around here! Good luck with that. I'm sure loving all of these extra prayers from all of these different places. (And this is probably just the tip of the prayer iceburg! I rejoice trying to fathom all of the people we'll never know about that are praying with and for y'all.)

Jennifer said...

I am finding it all very interesting that of all the blogs, I found yours the day after my sister's MM diagnosis. You see my husband attended U of M on a full ride football scholarship. He ended up transferring (long story) after a year to play football for MSU. He was on the 1988 Rose Bowl team. He has played on both sides of the U of M and MSU rivalry. I sent a link for your blog to my sister and husband who is a HUGE U of M fan.
Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Hi There!

I stumbled across your blog via the MMRF page on FaceBook and just wanted to leave you a quick note to say HI and to tell you your courage and wit will be unstoppable.

My aunt was just diagnosed about 5 weeks ago with this beast and I feel like I should have my M.D. in MM with the amount of research I've done in that time frame.

I look forward to your blog posts and just saved you as a favorite. Please know you have a good vibe, positive thought, prayer wisher all the way in sunny Southern Cali.

P.S. Goooooooooo Spartans!!!!!!!!

Let's just forget the 1 -3 for right now! =)

Ms. Bz