Friday, March 26, 2010

IMF Event - Tonight!

I was asked to post the following information by the IMF. The Conference Call is tonight if you would like to attend. There are other ways to participate as well. The people at IMF rock. Whether it is IMF, MMRF, Myeloma Beacon, Cancer Kicker, Tackle Cancer Foundation, whatever....let's get involved and contribute the conversation!

  • Specific local legislation is also pending in several states! The 21st Century Cancer
  • The Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act (H.R. 2366)
  • ALERT (Access to Life-Saving EarlyDetection, Research and Treatment) Act (S. 717)
  • The Access to Cancer Clinical Trials Act (S. 488/H.R. 716)
WHAT YOU CAN DO: Join your fellow myeloma patients, family members, doctors and nurses who have already given interviews, testified and met with their legislators. If you have been denied equal
“The IMF arranged meetings coverage of oral therapy… for me with my Congressional If you have been denied coverage Representatives. It was while participating in a clinical trial… easier than I expected and empowering to be heard.”If you are willing to tell your story, send us your name and contact Jerry Walton

You Are Invited To Take Part In A CONFERENCE CALL
  • Friday, March 26, 7:00 pm EDT USA
  • Toll Free: (866) 393-4674
  • Conference ID: 56763901
  • Ask questions, Raise issues, Hear from other myeloma patients

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