Tuesday, October 26, 2010

6 More To Go

Today I will go in for my 40+ chemo infusion at UMCCC. I started this journey last October which included 7 Cycles of a 4-drug combination, followed by two bone more transplants and finally 4 cycles of consolidation therapy, with the goal of putting Multiple Myeloma to its knees and eventually out of sight by modern technology.

The technical term for out of sight is "CR" or Complete Response. There are many indicators that are used to track the disease and the simplest for those who secrete it, is the M-Protein. My M-protein at the start of treatment was 3.0 and has been beat down to 0.2 with the two bone marrow transplants and heck-of-a-lot of chemotherapy. The goal is still 0.0!

Today I will start the count down to the end of my 4 Cycles of consolidation therapy which is a three drug combination. I will finish my consolidation almost exactly on my first daughter's 3rd birthday, which will be quite emotional. Thank you to everyone who continue to pray and pass positive thoughts to us during this journey.

For kicks, here's a video of Cassie and me after our very first week of chemo: http://mmfordummies.blogspot.com/2009/10/video-blog-week-1-in-review.html


ZekeSmith said...

You keep doing Your thing Phil. If You don't quite You win! Keep running brother! Isaac

Linda said...

Praying for that 0.0!! An end is in sight and what a celebration that will be!

Dawn said...

I will keep praying for you. Thanks for all your courage since I will be starting treatment for my MM journey