Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lunging for a Cure...Growing the DomiNation

It was spectacular to hear the roar of 113,000 people while being singled out on the field for my passion to dominate Multiple Myeloma, but the individual efforts of friends, family and people I don't even know is what motivates me to dominate.

Just a couple of months ago we launched the DomiNation, which is a simple way for people to raise money for MM research being done by Dr. J at UMCCC and to help get the word out about Multiple Myeloma. It was initiated by my new friend Steve Mitzel who established a simple process for people who want to commit to raising a minimum of $1,000 can sign up and start fund raising.

We have had a handful of people already sign up, like Laura who is going after 1,000 miles by the end of the year for $1,000. We have also had our first formal DomiNation event in Chicago thanks to Steph B. , a former UM Softball player. Furthermore, Barb in Columbus, OH has planned the second DomiNation event during UM/OSU game.

Just this week Alysa from Tuscon, AZ has joined the DomiNation in her effort called "Lunging for a Cure." Alysa's goal is to do 5,000 lunges and raise $5,000 by the end of the year. Follow Alysa's domination on Facebook by clicking here or on Twitter. The above photo is Alyza dominating her lunges. Believe it or not, she has two little kiddos at home. I think I need to start doing some lunges!

To start your own DomiNation of Multiple Myeloma, learn how here!

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Alysa is The Hotness.