Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Big Day - What an Honor

I couldn't sleep last night and I don't think it had anything to do with the 20 mg of Dex. This morning I will be joining the Michigan Football team for their pre-game. Today Michigan takes on Michigan State, and it has been hyped to be one of the biggest games in last number of years, probably the biggest UM vs MSU game in decades.

Never would I have imaged being a Captain on the football team. As a kicker, I was a leader on and off the field with my work ethic and positive attitude, but that did get you out on the coin toss. Today I will be able to live that dream. Moreover, I will honored at the first time out of the first quarterer in front of the BIGGEST CROWD EVER to watch a College Football game. I expect that the stadium will hit close to 113,000....all of which will hear the words Multiple Myeloma at once!!!

So although this game is very significant for both teams on the field, it is very significant for Multiple Multiple Awareness. It will also fuel my family and I to continue to forward and dominate this disease. Above is a picture of me kicking off at home against MSU exactly 8 years ago. I won't be kicking off today, but I finally get to live my dream as a Michigan Captain. Thanks to the Athletic Department, coaching staff and Coach Carr for making this happen!

Together, We'll Dominate.

Go Blue!


Melanie Reyes said...

Phil - what an awesome honor. Enjoy the moment - and how cool it gets so much more awareness of MM out there!

Linda said...

A well deserved honor for you Phil...enjoy living your dream and being given such an awesome opportunity for so many to become aware of MM! As always...DOMINATE!

Kindred Spirit said...

Kickin' news!!! You go, Phil! You are the greatest captain your team could have chosen. Go Blue, and win one for the Kicker!!!

Lori said...

have a great game there Captain, and congrats on your game winning touchdown bring awareness of Multiple Myeloma to the forefront!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't really do sports but since watching your field goal with B months ago had him tearing up I guess this is REALLY EXCITING!

Go Blue! Have fun! :D

Pam said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. What a great touchdown for you and all of us with MM. I don't know you personally, but am so very proud of you and all that you were able to accomplish this year!! Keep kicking and dominating!!
Your faithful reader,

CancerKicker said...

Thanks everyone! The day resulted in a Michigan loss, but at one moment there were 113,000 fans standing up cheering and supporting the DomiNation of Multiple Myeloma. The energy was electrifying. I bottled some up and should have a supply to last us all until we have a cure!

tim's wife said...

How very cool. It may have been one step back for your beloved team but it was two steps forward for MM awareness. Thanks and congratulations!
PS. Our 12 year old daughter's gym class was playing football the other day and Liv caught a pass and ran it in for a touchdown. That's our girl!!

Ed (Blog Adminstrator) said...
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Ed (Blog Adminstrator) said...

Being a Big Ten FB fan, I can only imagine what a huge thrill this would be for you.

Wish us luck against OSU this weekend.

Badger Ed