Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dominate for Fred Today

I recently learned that a wonderful man that I had the good fortune to connect with during my 2nd bone marrow transplant has lost his battle with mantle cell lymphoma. I celebrated with him and his wife the 4th of July over Mountain Dew, Pizza and some Rockband. Here's the recording from that day. His name is Fred and his wife is rocking the guitar during the video.

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to meet his beautiful daughter who happened to graduate from U of M the same time I did. Their whole family seems so wonderful and my heart is very heavy for all of them as today and tomorrow they will have the showing.

Being on this journey with cancer is far from lonely for me. I now know hundreds of families in the fight. It's days like this when I must take in the sobering reality that things don't always end the way we would like.

The family has decided to pass out dominate bracelets to the people who attend the services. They are far from giving up life, instead, they are going to continue to dominate. I am so impressed.


Sandy said...

That act is indeed an impressive one... and I am sending light to Fred to guide him on his journey home to the Father.

Linda said...

My heart is heavy and breaking for all of those in the blood cancer community who have been struggling lately, or have lost the battle. As you said, we need to continue to dominate in their honor and memory, and fight for research and cures! A bond is quickly developed between those of us in the same or similar boat, even though many of us have never met. Let's lift this special family up in our prayers...for strength, peace and comfort in the days, months, and years ahead.

Preferred Customer/ Janice said...

I have just posted on my blog about the passing of quite a few people at this time. I also noticed a lot of dogs are passing now. I think we choose subconsciously our time to leave and I think even though we fight it can be our time. My heart and prayers go out to the family who have suffered so much. Hope you are holding up Phil and Co.
The turmoil in the world can affect our health so one must be ever vigilant and stay in prayer for protection. I also read about the updated stats on MM. I am thrilled someone finally changed the numbers. This gives people more hope as it is a real number not some old data being bandied about. Take care all...