Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maintenance Mode

Quick update on the stomach bug. Cassie was awarded the gold star of domination as she was the single soldier combating Ocean and Iris's ralphing, while wounded herself by the same bug. Fortunately this battle lasted only 24 hours. I think Cassie is still a little depleted from her heroic effort that successfully kept the ever-so-happy Ruby and me safe from the invading stomach bug that waged war on our household.

Monday marks the end of my first 21 day cycle of maintenance which kicks off 7 days rest. At this point I am down to two side effects: (1) neurothapy (2) fatigue. They both present more as the day progresses, but are manageable, especially in comparison to the side effects that hit me when I started this treatment journey back in October 2009 (re: 12 days of projectile vomit).

I have had enough energy to shovel the affects of Snowmaggedon, and on a more enjoyable note, take Ocean ice skating for his first time this season. He dominated the ice and I am so thankful that we are able to share in these experiences; especially the hot chocolate! Ocean has also decided his favorite wintertime activity is throwing snowballs at Daddy. Good thing he throws like a 4 year old.

Much love to the Myeloma community and everyone following this crazy journey. -Phil


Big EZ said...

Great pictures of the kids! Hooray for wives that nurse the family even when they themselves are under the weather. We will be praying for Cassie as she recovers and gets back to full speed.

Carol said...

Wonderful Pictures. It's good to see you looking so healthy. I say a prayer pf thanks every time I take my maint. Rev, and that it keep all of us in remission. I had my auto stc 6/10, and so far so good! I'm glad you are doing well, Carol Y

Sandy said...

Intending for Cassie to be up and about and feeling her old self now and great to see such wonderful happy shots in the snow... glad to see it and not feel it, for me that is!

Jodi said...

So glad the stomach bug has left your house. Kudos to Cassie for soldiering through it. As a mother, I know how hard it is to care for everyone else while enduring the same illness. I just started my Revlimid maintenance and am at day +52 of my auto sct. The transplant left me so fatigued that Ocean and I have one thing in common now. I, too, throw a snowball like a 4 year old. Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures. Stay well and enjoy your chemo free week.

MAYASBOY said...

GI bugs are nothing to scoff at. Less than 100 years ago diarrhea was a major cause of death, it still is in many part of our world.

What is in the background looks like an ice palace. I'm sure you told us but my reading comprehension leaves something to be desired.

I'm Mayasboy and I just started blogging. Dx 7/2008