Friday, September 17, 2010

I Snuv Snu Sneetie!

Today Cassie and I celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. It feels closer to 16 years given all we have been through. The picture below was taken the first day of our honeymoon back in September, 2004.

Thinking back to our early dating days, eventual engagement and a very brief stint of married life without kiddos....we were operating from a different planet. Seriously. We actually had a made up language and I think we spent most of our time smitten over one another during the few minutes I could cram between class, football practice, office hours and late nights studying for my engineering exams in the Law Quad.

This season in our life is very different. We spend countless hours under the same roof and our language is now made up of terms most regularly heard in the office of an oncologist sandwiched between pre-schooler talk. Never once did I think I would be spending my 6 year anniversary in the infusion center to treat an incurable cancer with three little ones at home. I did expect to have 3 kids before age 30...check!...but gotta to be kidding me. Worse yet, the cancer is in my blood and bones...therefore...not easily removed.

Although the stress of cancer leaves very little to be desired, looking back at our last year of marriage which was consumed by me being in treatment, I can honestly say that I have seen Cassie step up to the plate as my helper. She is my Myeloma expert, caregiver, lover, all the while caring for 3 beautiful kids all under the age of five. She has witnessed and supported her husband through what could be easily considered the most aggressive MM treatment therapy outside of Arkansas.

I don't expect life to have been any crazier than it was last year and I am getting really excited about what is in store for Year 7 of marriage. Regardless of the uncertainty, I have a rock in Cassie by my side.

Love is a choice. I choose you.


P.S. Here's the tail end of me proposing to Cassie in 2004 at the Houston Autoshow. She said, "Of Course!"


Laura Brabbs said...

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats. We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary too!!

sarah said...

congratulations you two! you two are amazing! =o]

Linda said...

Ernie's MM was diagnosed just one month after celebrating our 34th anniversary at the snow covered Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. And like you and Cassie, our days are spent very differently now than in the past, and our topics of discussion sure have changed. But what a blessing to have a loving lifelong partner on this journey. Happy Anniversary to you both and I pray year 7 is just the beginning of many, many more, CANCER FREE!

Aaron said...

Congratulations! You're an inspiration on many, many levels.

Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!
Just remember, getting chemo on your anniversary this year means many, many more anniversaries cancer free.
I spent my anniversary in the hospital last year just after diagnosis. Next month, for our 20th anniversary, I am supposed to start stem cell collection. Whatever happened to champagne and exotic vacations to celebrate anniversaries?? I must be missing something.



Julie said...

What a beautiful, bittersweet posting Phil! Happy
Anniversary to you both! YOU and Cassie are such an inspiration to all of us! You are so strong to endure all the treatments you have! Watch out myeloma cells... they don't stand a chance with you! And Cassie... what an amazing Mommy she is to your beautiful children, not to mention her unwavering support she so lovingly gives you! You'll beat this Phil. Thank you for your beautiful post!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, y'all!! love, tweetie

Dom and Nan said...

Congrats! You make a beautiful couple! Stay strong, baby!

Nan and Dom