Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kiwi domiNATION

I am continued to be floored by the support of my faith, family and friends throughout my journey with Cassie to dominate Multiple Myeloma. There are the neighbors, former teammates and coaches, new faces and old faces...the list goes on and on and it feels like the momentum is building.

Just this week Nick Willis, Silver Medalist in the Beijing Olympics in the 1500m, sent me the above photo of him winning over in Milan (Italy, not Michigan) with his MM Burgundy Dominate bracelet hoisted in the air as he celebrates victory. Nick is from New Zealand and a former Michigan Wolverine who has quite the faith and cancer story that he shared on camera with me in the hospital amidst my second bone marrow transplant only a couple of months ago (watch video). Nick's faith and perseverance are contagious and I hope for continued healing over injury and a steady pace as he goes for gold in London in 2012. Follow his blog here.

Thanks to volunteers there are close to 5,000 burgundy MM Dominate Bracelets in circulation around the world today. I am convinced that for us to dominate MM, we first need to get the word out about Multiple Myeloma. Thanks to everyone who has shared my story and participated through prayer, thoughts and generosity. Together, with Nick and the help of others, we will dominate this disease.


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