Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miles 4 Myeloma domiNATION - West Side!

I wanted to briefly share the awesome work of a young adult named Laura, a daughter/caregiver of a Myeloma mother that has been a trooper. I met Laura's mom early on through MM For Dummies and then we have stayed in touch via email. Right now Laura's mother is recovering from her aggressive treatment from this year. To dominate MM for her mom and others, Laura has decided to swim, bike, skip, hop and jump 1,000 miles by the end of the year to raise money for Multiple Myeloma research done by Dr. Jakubowiak (J) at UMCCC.

Note: Dr J. for those who don't know him yet, he is on the steering committee of the MMRC along with Ken Anderson (Dana Farber) and Sagar Loniail (Emory), which is funded by the MMRF. You can read his profile here. He is pretty much one tough dude who is committed to finding the cure for Multiple Myeloma. He will, but he needs our help.

Laura is representing the West Coast domiNATION out in Cali for those who want to come alongside of her and cheer on her and her mother. Please consider following her story by becoming a fan on her facebook fan page by clicking here. Support her and her mom in their personal domiNATION of Multiple Myeloma!!!! Donations can be made online here. What an inspiration!!!

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ace said...

I'd like to ask you about RIT (Bexxar) and it's potential application for MM patients. Can you email me?