Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I am pleased to report that the Columbus Cancer Kicker Event held the day of the UM vs. OSU football game was a huge success! Barb Hess, whose mother was diagnosed over a year ago with MM, has been on a mission ever since to dominate Multiple Myeloma. Her passion, commitment, determination and maximizing personality was nothing but tremendous as she helped raise a whopping $12,630! 100% of those funds will go directly to Dr. J to advance his research to dominate MM. (Big Thanks to Gallup for their generous $5,000 Donation!!!)

Cassie and I were blessed with a stay at the Fort Rapids Hotel and Indoor Water Park on the Friday before the event and the kids just had a blast. For all our family has had to endure this year with my treatments, it was really a weekend of celebration, apart from the actual football game where the Buckeyes walked all over my Wolverines. Although Cassie and I were the only ones proudly sporting Maize and Blue, we felt like we were with family.

One of the greatest parts of the weekend was being able to connect in person with several MM Dominators (Matt and Kirk in particular) that I have been tracking and communicating with over the last year as we have all aggressively taken on Multiple Myeloma. They all have incredible stories filled with trials, perseverance and much hope. Here is the story of Matt (in picture below) and Kirk. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel like we are all pulling each other along in this journey. Thanks Barb for leading the way!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event and all those who actively choose to dominate cancer and life for my family's sake and also all those who are affected by Multiple Myeloma, other cancers and all that other dark stuff that creeps into our lives. Continue on in the DomiNation!

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Laura Brabbs said...

It is so awesome that there are so many people out there ALL coming together to fight MM. It really gives all of us hope, the ones who have MM and their families. Thanks to everyone....keep domiNating!!!