Friday, December 17, 2010

Physical Friday - Back to it

Working out sucks. Doesn't it? I would rather just enjoy thinking about how one day I will be conquering triathlons and maybe a marathon or two just to show MM who's boss. It's hard to get into that rhythm after having been out of the game for a while. It doesn't help that I am in the worst shape of my life and significant progress seems like an up hill battle that pails in comparison to dominating Myeloma. So it is easy to not even bother with this hill; something I did for the last couple of weeks.

Coach Carr would always remind us that each day you are either getting better or getting worse. What you did yesterday and what you plan to do in the new year means nothing for today. So winning is all about what you accomplish today.

Today was different....I was a Victor. I took one step up the hill. It wasn't huge, but it was in the right direction. I think sometimes I focus too much on how big a step I am taking rather than realizing that I am on the hill and heading up. So it's about having a lot of grace in this journey.

To dominate MM, it's critical that we keep our bodies in the best physical condition. We already have a lot of strikes against us with a disease that compromises the immune system and aggressive chemotherapy that also lowers the immune system, and for those of us who have transplanted once or twice, our years of built up resistance and immunity has been taken from us.

I encourage everyone to take a step in the right direction Today. Don't focus on how big of a step or how big of a hill you have to climb. Pick up your knee, lean forward and dominate that first step. Tomorrow, hit the repeat button, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.


Christie said...

Hey Phil! I am dominating my exercise routine 7 days a week with the goal of returning to health and getting rid of the baby weight before my kid goes to college ;-) When you want to give spin class a try email me back.

Kristine said...

Great post. Thanks for the motivation. Maybe I will dust off my exercise bike and take it for a spin. It is waay too cold and snowy for a hike up Maple Mountain practically in my back yard.

Jean Dreyer said...

You are such an inspiration to me! I am 30 days post transplant. My husband and I signed up to do a triathlon in May prior to me going in to the hospital. I think its important to look ahead at better days to come. I have also lost quite a bit of muscle and I'll have a long road ahead of me as far as training, but each day I'll get a little closer and I will complete that triathlon! I have a friend doing the swim part for me as I will be restricted still. But looking forward to the run and ride! Thanks for your uplifting positive posts! Keep them coming!