Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello again! And an intro to Resourceful Wednesday.

Guys! Hi! Wow, have I missed your bright, shiny interfaces.

Is it snowing where you are? Because it's snowing where I am, and I was caught off guard this morning when I awoke to white stuff instead of rain. So I did what any reasonable person would do in this situation. I put on my coziest scarf and hightailed it to Zingerman's to get a mocha.

Cheers to bloggy friends and to hot coffee!

Our journey is far from over with two more rounds of chemo added to the docket but the most challenging parts of it are steadily waning and, while Phil works to regain his strength and sets his sights on going back to work, I'm finally able to take some time to do more of what I love, including keeping up the blog. Thanks to all of you who have been checking in with me through email and Facebook; as I told a few of you, it's definitely a new ballgame trying to juggle three kids! Thankfully Ruby is quite a peach and as Ocean and Iris get older the physical demands lessen which allows me a bit of breathing room... something I haven't had in a while! Ahhhh.

Phil and I have been tossing around the idea of creating a regular weekly post called Resourceful Wednesday which will provide practical resources that we have found to be helpful over the last couple of years. While the title of our blog verifies the fact that we are no experts in myeloma, we do have some more insight now that we have a bit of experience tucked snugly under our belt. Insight that may or may not be helpful to some of you. And if it's not, maybe I'll just tell jokes instead and we can call it Bad Attempts at Comedy Wednesday.


So starting next week we'll begin exploring a different topic each Wednesday and I'll provide online resources that we've used or have been shared with us. I also welcome your comments to provide topic ideas or for sharing any resources that you've found to be helpful in your own journey. Let's keep sharing and learning from each other. And also drinking hot drinks on cold days.

Warm, cozy hugs to you all!


Lorna said...

It's great to hear from you again Cassie. I look forward to reading your useful info stuff, especially as Mike is due to go in on Monday. Yep, it's snowing here too.

Linda said...

Great idea Cassie. This has been quite a journey trying to educate ourselves about MM and sharing information would be a timesaver for many of us. Great to have you blogging and we celebrate Phil's continued recovery!

Candice said...

Love this idea!

I loved looking at the snow, but I certainly don't miss shoveling, scraping and driving in it. The drive from Novi to Troy every day to work was a real treat after a good 12 inch dusting! :)

feresaknit said...

Ahhhh is there only me with a smattering of snow - I want lots - don't tell B he doesn't want any! :D

Sandy said...

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the sunny side and out of the snow... that's my yolk for today as I prepare to run away to the southern hemisphere and maybe warmer weather.
But I like your idea of Resourceful Wednesdays...

Stephen Greene said...

Hello Cassie... I agree with your extroadinary husband that care givers are most courageous. You are the preeminent example, bearing all with a determined grace. As a patient dx in 2002, I've come to rely on MM for Dummies. Give me room on the following analogy, but the band following you and Phil, in my imagination, is the Charge of the Light Brigade, but with a credible strategy. We've lost many along the way but it seems of late that more of us are crashing over and through the enemy's walls to a victorious gathering of weary warriors. Continue, please, to hold the pennants high. We are with you all the way.