Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Southern Pearls Rock Cancer Kicker, Dominate MM

Riley is not only fighting cancer like a girl, she is DOMINATING! Last Friday she hosted the first ever Cancer Kicker event in the south (Rock Hill, SC) and by the looks of all the pictures on Facebook, everyone had a blast.

This was third and final Cancer Kicker Event this year. I cannot tell you how thankful and I am for the folks who stepped up to the plate to grow awareness for Multiple Myeloma and raise funds so that one day everyone will get an opportunity at the game winning kick!

You can keep up with Riley and her continued efforts to dominate MM by going to the Southern Pearls Cancer Kicker Fan Page on Facebook.

P.S. Many Thanks to all that showed up last Friday and to McHale's for hosting the 1st Southern Pearls Cancer Kicker Event!

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