Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brainwash them while they are young!

Check out this pic of Barb's newest niece sporting the Dominate Wristband. She gives my new girl Ruby a run for her money in terms of volume of sweet goodness that I just want to gobble up!

I think it is so important that we encourage our young ones to dominate the things they enjoy (excluding things like biting siblings of course). To be transparent, I am getting a little sick of superheros right now and I just wish my son would be passionate about scoring goals on the soccer field, but the reality is that he is not me and he is unique to who he was created to be.

I am trying hard, and often failing, to focus on just being a catalyst in Ocean's life that spurs him on and that of my other little ones so that they can dominate the passions and treasures stored in their hearts. Cassie and I will forever aim to protect these hearts and provide the love needed to foster their own domination. Which may unfortunately not involve Ocean wearing the Winged Helmet on Saturdays starting in 2024. As long as he routes for the Wolverines though...we are okay :P

More about Barb.....Barb lives down in Columbus and her mother his battling MM. Barb has been a fund raising beast and and has been inspired by the call to dominate by the Cancer Kicker Foundation. She is coordinating the Columbus Domination event which will take place the day of the UM/OSU game. The event is going to be off the hook and both Matt Hare and I will be the guests of honor as we seek to tell or stories to the world that young people in their twenties are being hit by this terrible disease. Above is a picture of Barb with her son and standout Buckeye Goalie and Cancer Kicker (beat Lymphoma!).

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