Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Michigan Men Dominating Cancer

Since my diagnosis in 2008, I have been made aware of other Michigan Football players that have been given the cancer card as well and it is always devastating to me when I get the news. I remain hopeful though, because from my own personal experience, the support of the Michigan Family goes deep and wide for these brothers which has been huge in my journey with Multiple Myeloma.

For example, when I was going through my second transplant, Troy Nienberg (PK, 01-04) would visit me every night in the hospital; sacrificing his evening. Although we competed at practice to be the starting kicker up until the day before the Washington game, we have been there for some serious and often tragic ups and downs. That's what it means to be Michigan. It includes things like integrity, consistency and reaches into the area of love and support for your brother and sister...because we are the Michgian faMily...Maize and Blue...through and through...till the end.

As someone in the fight, it also comforting to know that there are many Michigan Men who have already won the battle after being in the trenches a number of years ago. One of those people is none other than the new Athletic Director and former CEO of Dominoes, David Brandon. Dave has provided me with some encouraging words and just knowing that his family has been through a similar scare and come out the other side is comforting.

David Brandon #85 - Prostate Cancer

This week someone asked how long it took me to go public with my diagnosis. Honestly, there was a little fear that I would perceived as incapable of dominating my work with the new information, but I stopped the thought right there. If there is anything I have learned through dealing with Multiple Myeloma over the last two years is that opening up about what I am thinking and feeling to those around me has allowed me to make sense of this disease and come up with a plan to dominate each day. This may not work for everyone, but it has made a big difference for me. Living in fear is not an option; Dominating with faith, hope and love is.

Dominate another Day,



Linda said...

Thanks Phil for once again opening up about what you are feeling and thinking since being diagnosed with MM. We too have found that helpful as we come together to encourage and lift one another up. Unfortunately there are many many others out there in battles of their own with some form of cancer. Let's continue to help each other along the way as we pray for a cure.

Sandy said...

For those who do not have the support within their families or friends, it falls to the rest of us to reach out and help them develop a core of 'cheerleaders' who can be there when the score for the Home Team seems to be less than ideal. Nothing like a good cheering section to help one push on through the line and try once more for that touchdown.

Cassie said...

Since Phil brought him up, another word about Troy: Troy is a gem. He's compassionate, consistent and uplifting... the kind of friend everyone wants to have, and people strive to be. What a shining example of faithfulness and "in the trenches" servant-hood he has been to our family! He's The Guy you want on you team, no matter what you're going through.