Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In honor of great inspiration.

From Cassie: Hamada passed from this life last week after his journey with myeloma. You can read about this wonderful man and his incredible wife, Susie, at her blog here. Susie's published book of poems can be found here.

Susie, our hearts ache for your loss and you remain in our thoughts and prayers.

From Phil: I finally braved reading your recent blog post and was brought to tears. The picture you posted (see above) was nothing short of beautiful. It brought up so many emotions in me given I am still in the trenches to live for the day and not worry about tomorrow. Thanks for being an open book...or better yet, an open poem.

Much love coming from Ann Arbor, MI today.

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Lora Conrad said...

Great inspiration indeed. It was impossible to have any contact with Susie & Hamada without falling deeply in love with this beautiful couple. Their love story surpasses any of I know of to date and Susie's devotion to her beloved husband was a model for all caregivers. She worked tirelessly for his care and to promote awareness of this dreaded disease along with giving profits from her beautiful book of poetry to Myeloma UK. And son, Jo was right there doing his part with vocal recordings reflecting his feelings. What a lovely family - I crown them the royalty of the MM world. I'm so honored to be their friend a because of that and I cry for their great loss. God be with all. ~Lora