Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Off Week, but it's the Buckeyes!

Cycle #4 is now behind me! Wow, that was a heck-of-a-lot-of-therapy. I am getting used to the cadence of two weeks on and one week off. I am seeing no side affects and my labs are showing strong signs that my bone marrow is staying strong (i.e. platelets, RBC, WBC, ANC are at good levels). My M-spike is still holding at a 0.2 and we want to knock it down to 0.0.

We think a couple additional cycles and/or the maintenance therapy will get us there. I remain confident; especially with all the stories I am hearing from others that are hitting CR (Complete Response). Many thanks to Nick for teaching me the significance of CR and keeping it there. He is a big reason I am going for this "game winning field goal" approach to therapy. And I will be honest, aggressive treatment fits my dominate personality. Everyone should really work with a MM specialist to determine the best approach for them and know all their options and what the leading research is saying. In a lot of ways, I am still a "MM Dummy", although a little more educated thanks to the last year.

I have learned to love and appreciate the "off week". Typical and minor side affects (if any at the time) I am having will subside during this period and by the last day of my off week, I begin to feel normal again; meaning Sexy Dexy is no longer on the loose....or not as much. Okay, Cassie should verify that last sentence.

But let's be real people...this is truly NO OFF WEEK! This week is Michigan vs. Ohio State! It's actually the most intense week of the year! Not to mention we decided to cram in Thanksgiving as well. This is one of the greatest rivalries of all time! Back in 2002 I witnessed this rivalry as a player and now I see it a little differently. Both schools make each other better. I now view the tension between the two schools as something that brings us together for the better, not worse. And....

...Then there is Barb. Barb connected with me when her mom was first diagnosed in August of 2009. Barb is a Buckeye and lives down near Columbus of all places! She reached out to a Wolverine....so she gets the gold sticker. Barb has really taken a passion for dominating MM for everyone's benefit. Even a year ago she was throwing ideas at me on how we could work together to raise money to get research going faster. Barb put her words to work and this week she is hosting the 1st Annual UM/OSU DomiNation event, which is in Columbus this year. I will be there and so will another young MM Dominator who graduated from OSU, Matt Hare. Matt is also a great example of a person who has gone beyond the call to personally dominate MM, by raising money to help us Kick Cancer for good.

Here are the details for this Saturday's event if you live near Columbus and want to go!

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